Labour MP Hywel Francis praises Personnel Today’s campaign for tax breaks

A leading Labour MP has praised Personnel Today’s Tax Breaks for Carers campaign for highlighting the need to help employees with caring responsibilities.

Hywel Francis, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Carers, welcomed the support that Personnel Today had given the issue in recent months.

Under the proposals, tax breaks would enable employers to offer a voucher to employees who care for a dependent relative, similar to those that are currently available for childcare.

At a meeting of the parliamentary carers group last month, Francis agreed to include details of the proposed tax breaks in its submission to the Treasury’s comprehensive spending review, which is due to be finalised next year.

Friday (8 December) is the annual Carers’ Rights Day. Francis has tabled an Early Day Motion, which 80 MPs have signed, that calls on public bodies and employers to identify carers in their workforces and help them access support.

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