Lane4 embarks on consultant recruitment drive

Following significant national and international business growth, Lane4 is looking to strengthen its consultancy pool.

The company wants to draw professionals with a ‘degree in excellence’ to take up roles within this global performance development agency.

Ruth Cavender, head of human resources at Lane4, commented: “There has been a surge in demand for our services.  During these changing times, we need to ensure that we continue to offer a consistently high quality offering – this is something we can’t compromise.  However, it’s very difficult for us to find individuals who can demonstrate both the breadth and depth of consulting expertise that is required at account director level.”

Mike Hurst is a Lane4 performance consultant.  He began his career in 1985 as a sales assistant at Dixons.  When he left the company in 2006 he had progressed to head of organisational development at Currys. 

Mike commented: “For someone who has a natural gift for selling, I never expected to be in a position where I could transform my learning and experiences to help others achieve in a different environment.  I have found this aspect of my role very fulfilling.  Having always worked on the client-side, it’s great to move into consulting where I have the opportunity to work with Lane4’s blue chip client base.”

Ruth concluded: “We’re not looking for qualified trainers who work to an agreed programme.  Instead we are looking for people developers who can design and deliver bespoke programmes and have the ability to execute them in an array of environments from 1:1 executive coaching, facilitation of workshops to running team events with senior leadership groups.  We’re seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds who don’t necessarily meet set criteria regarding qualifications but they have a ‘degree in excellence.’  These are unique individuals who have a creative and innovative mindset.”

Lane4 is also seeking candidates from the worlds of psychology, organisational development, performance and elite sport.  They welcome applications from individuals who have solid experience in design and delivery of behavioural change solutions in any areas of leadership development, coaching, personal development, team effectiveness or culture change.

As suitable account directors are difficult to source, Lane4 keeps an open recruitment pipeline.  The company regularly recruits candidates with potential who are at the early stages of their career and trains them to a senior level.

Candidates going through the Lane4 recruitment process will undergo a ‘matching event’ two way assessment.  This involves being interviewed by Lane4 staff of all levels ranging from operations to administration and consultancy.  They will also present pre-prepared exercises and then finally they’ll have the opportunity to interview a Lane4 consultant (who occupies the same position that they’re applying for) about their job, the company and any other area they want to discuss.

This is an off the record interview.  Unlike many UK organisations where the decision to recruit the candidate is made by the business head or HR, in this instance, the assessors decide, thus making it a fair and objective approach.

Lane4 has been named as one of the best small companies to work for (2007) by The Sunday Times.

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