Law firm gets personal over online rape allegations

workers may face legal action after sending e-mails speculating about the
identity of premier league footballers at the centre of rape allegations.

representing the players have warned that individuals may be sued in a bid to
quell the online gossip about the identity of those involved.

of e-mails trying to guess the identity of the players have circulated around
the UK’s offices and for the first time lawyers have threatened to target

law firm involved, which wants to remain anonymous for fear of identifying the
players, has already traced one e-mail to a large company. The sender has now
been suspended – allegedly.

men are said to be at the centre of the rape allegations, made by a 17-year-old
female who claims she was abused at a London hotel.

the law firm claims that some of its clients have been wrongly identified on
the internet as being involved.

By Ross Wigham

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