Leading businesses start to see benefits of flexible approach

It appears the Government’s push towards a more flexible working nation is paying off with news that 90 per cent of the UK’s leading businesses now see flexible working as an “established, accepted way of working”.

New research by Citrix Systems assessed employee and board director attitudes towards flexible working and mobile technologies and found that a positive attitude is filtering down to staff from the boardroom.

The research shows that:

– Three-quarters of large organisations say pure ‘mobile workers’ represent less than 20 per cent of the workforce

– 50 per cent of senior directors have now embraced mobile working and rely on mobile devices like laptops and electronic personal organisers.

When asked what was holding back the widespread implementation of mobile working, directors said:

– Cost (55 per cent of respondents)

– Keeping pace with new technology (52 per cent of respondents)

– Education of staff in the use of relevant technology (48 per cent of respondents).

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