Learners prefer to go it alone when it comes to training

Staff prefer to learn at their own pace and under their own steam – apparently.

A study of 5,360 staff and senior HR managers by e-learning provider Skillsoft found self-driven learning was their preferred way to learn.

Respondents were allowed to cite more than one given option and the rankings were:

  • Being able to get at information as and when I need it (60%)
  • Being in charge of my own learning pace (43%)
  • Attending classroom-based training (39%)
  • Learning in bite-sized pieces (34%)
  • Learning at my desktop using e-learning (31%).

Skillsoft claimed its study, The Future of Learning, showed: “There was a clear consensus on the emerging prevalence of online learning in one form or another.”But this is unlikely to include computer games as a way to learn, as just 2% of those surveyed expect to learn via that medium.

The future of instructor-led training will be limited, according to the study, with 33% of respondents saying they expected classroom courses in the workplace to continue. Some 16% said they expected to attend external classroom-based courses in the future.

The Skillsoft survey used a mix of online questionnaires and face-to-face interviews and was carried out in November and December 2006.

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