Learnpurple offers free online employee engagement survey to employers

In a revolutionary move, people specialists’ learnpurple have made an innovative new online employee survey available to all employers.

The new site enables any company to join learnpurple’s exciting ‘Purple Revolution’ and allows up to 100 employees to take part in a free, independently facilitated online survey.

The survey, designed with SMEs in mind, encourages employees to rate and comment on how happy they are at work, what they would change and provide insight into a wider range of issues they are experiencing.

This move, the first of its kind in the market, signifies the importance of ongoing engagement with employees especially in difficult times such as the one we currently find ourselves in. 

It is not just SMEs who can benefit from joining the ‘Purple Revolution’. As a ‘purple revolutionist’, employers of any size can access free information, special offers on learning and development programmes and have their say via the purple blog.

Learnpurple director, Jo Harley, says: “The survey provides employers with an insight into the current mood of their workforce allowing any concerns or issues to be highlighted and resolved. By providing their employees with access to this type of engagement tool it shows that they are listening and making changes. This should result in a more engaged and productive workforce, which could ensure business success when the upturn arrives.

“Companies often pay a considerable sum to conduct an employee engagement survey, and the information that is produced can be worth many times that. However, we wanted to make this facility available to SMEs and others for whom this type of information would not normally be accessible.”


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