Leave interviewing to the real people professionals

An unstructured interview from a poor interviewer is the worst selection tool any company can use, as the hire decision is likely not to be based on the correct analysis of cultural fit, interpersonal and personal competence or high-performer role potential (Personnel Today, 30 May). It also does the hiring company no good, as any astute candidate will recognise that the interview was poor, and this impacts on hire credibility and employer brand.

However, the use of a well-structured behavioural event interview facilitated by a professional interviewer and linked to the candidate’s background, the competencies and experience needed for the role and probing the results the candidate has achieved to date, can markedly raise the predictive ability of the interview.

The interviewer must also understand the ‘type’ of person needed to fit the cultural values required for the candidate to be accepted and to perform to their best ability.

Rick Helliwell
Vice-president, recruitment,
The Emirates Group

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