Living life in the fast lane isn’t for everyone

Ever since we switched directors over to car allowances, there’s an increasing variety of metalware at the posh end of the car park. Where once there was a line-up of darkly coloured BMWs, there’s now a feast of automotive indulgence.

Nick, our finance director, has splashed out on a sandy-coloured Range Rover – odd that the shortest man should have the biggest car, but there you go.

The managing director seems quite happy with his Jag, although I see he’s downsized now that it’s coming out of his own pocket.

Steph in sales is the real head-turner in the mornings, as she zips around in her metallic orange, two-seater Nissan 350Z. “Suits my lifestyle,” she said. Mind you, perhaps the fact that there’s only room for one boyfriend at a time is no bad thing.

Practical Pete from purchasing did a good deal, he tells me, on an ex-demonstration Audi – “plenty of room for the brood, and what point is there in buying new?” Strange. Is that the same Pete who always said buying second-hand company cars was “too much hassle”?

Of course, the lady wife and I discussed at length what we should do. Since the arrival of our ‘boys’ (the Rhodesian Ridgebacks) our needs have changed a little, but we’re delighted with our Octavia Estate – and Skoda is such good value.

If only Nick, as he looks down at me from his Range Rover, or Steph, as she nips past me on the by-pass, could see the world as I do.

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