Loyalty Management Group to train 50 of its senior and middle managers as in-house coaches

Loyalty Management Group (LMG), the company that operates the Nectar card scheme, is training 50 of its senior and middle managers to be in-house coaches.

Training provider Steps Drama has run two half-day coaching workshops, using drama-based training, to show the managers how to incorporate coaching into their management style, as well as how to provide feedback and help staff improve their performance.

“We wanted to investigate different ways to enable our managers to empower their teams to take more responsibility for their own decisions and actions,” said Gabrielle de Wardener, HR director at LMG.

“We see coaching as a key people management skill that our managers can use to tap into the skills and experience of their people.”

Steps Drama developed the content for the workshop after interviewing managers and staff at LMG.

Called Coaching in Management, the half-day workshop was delivered twice, with 25 senior and middle managers attending each session.

“Our managers are now much more confident about coaching and empowering their teams,” said de Wardener.

“There is a saying that people join good companies and leave poor managers, so by developing our managers as coaches, we’re fostering a learning environment and hopefully helping to ensure we retain our talent.

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