Making diversity part of business strategy is vital

To add a different perspective to your feature on diversity training being a tick-box exercise (Personnel Today, 17 January), while I was at Royal Mail, I instigated, designed and led the delivery of what was probably the biggest diversity programme in Europe.

The programme worked because it was part of a well-thought-through diversity strategy, and because it was integral to one of the top four business goals for the company – to make Royal Mail a great place to work.

It was led from and supported by the top leaders in the organisation. We also ensured that the training was tailor-made for different levels of employee, and turned the whole concept of diversity training on its head by giving the largest amount of training to our senior managers.

We not only achieved a high level of awareness about managing diversity, but also achieved attitudinal change. The key to its success was about making it part of the overall business strategy, ensuring clear and consistent communication of the business case at all times, and good leadership to drive it through.

Satya Kartara

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