Management college sets scene for internal start-ups

Henley Management College is launching an incubator service this week (October 30) to encourage internal corporate e-business start-ups and retain key executives.

Andy Gaule, a spokesman for Henley-Incubator, said it was encouraging managers to channel their business dreams within their organisation. Other incubators are aimed at helping individuals to launch their own business ventures.

Gaule said he believed Henley-Incubator helps companies retain executives at a time when many are tempted to start up their own business ventures. ‘We are encouraging intrapreneurs rather than entrepreneurs,’ he said.

‘Henley-Incubator provides a low risk, low cost solution to allowing talented employees to explore new ideas outside of their employer’s core business. The company, by demonstrating its support to the individual’s initiative, enhances loyalty and retention.

‘The company encourages innovation and at any point can take a stake in the business, bring it inside or walk away.’

Henley-Incubator has set up a network of partners, including a range of advisers and funders, to help work with the individual and their employer to assess, refine and implement the business concept.

Individuals submit their business concept to a panel of assessors, attend a three-day workshop at Henley Management College, develop their business plan over a three month period and present it to their company as a solid business prospect.

Chris Nutt, chairman of FiSSInG – the Financial Services Special Interest Group for HR Directors, said: ‘The Henley-Incubator proposition does help senior HR managers face key challenges they face in the dynamic new economy.’

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