Management speak hides inability to communicate

I have been following the debate in Guru on management speak with some interest. In my view, the growth of management speak has come about because managers are poor communicators and have latched on to trendy management speak as a way of masking their own limitations.

Let’s get back to basics: think about what you want to say consider your audience and their likely or actual learning and listening styles re-order your thoughts rehearse think about the impact your words will have when received then rework your presentation accordingly.

Then hold your meeting, warm up the audience, say what you want to say, and open the floor for comment. See – not that difficult!

No need for envelope pushing, paradigm shifts, leverage, ball parks, off-line, online, or parking thoughts. We don’t need to throw all the ideas into a proverbial wok and see if we can cook up a stir fry.

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