Many UK workers change careers several times, retraining as they go

A large number of working Brits have looked to pursue a different career path at least three times, new research has found.

A poll of about 2,000 people by sector skills council Lifelong Learning, found that one in six respondents has switched careers three times, while seven in 10 report having changed at least once.

More than one in eight respondents changed careers even more often, the most nimble including people who worked in banking, insurance and travel.

When asked to predict at what age they would next expect to change career direction, 65% of respondents said in their 30s. More than half of the people who had changed careers confessed to having to completely retrain for their new positions.

Carolyn Dowding, education adviser at Lifelong Learning, said: “Changing your career can be a really positive step towards fulfilling your ambitions and aspirations on both a personal and professional level. And making a job switch can be the perfect opportunity to give something back to the community.

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