Microsoft to recruit 7,000 new staff

plans to recruit as many as 7,000 people in the current financial year, the
software giant has announced.

3,000 people are expected to be hired for the company’s US headquarters, and
slightly fewer than 3,000 internationally. The new staff will fill new and
existing posts, Microsoft said.

the financial year to the end of June, Microsoft recruited 2,163 people in new
positions and replaced 4,937 staff who left the company, giving a total of
7,100 positions filled.

provided no information on the specific types of jobs it added over the past
year, or which openings it expects to have this year.

it is likely that some careers may be in research and development because
Microsoft is increasing its investment in that area by $200m (£108m) to $4.8bn
(£2.6bn) this year.

of 30 June, Microsoft’s full-time, regular staff numbered 57,086 worldwide. At
the same time last year, the headcount was 54,923.

By Daniel Thomas

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