Migrants make impact on UK workforce, but levels relatively low

UK has the lowest proportion of migrants of any EU country, according to Home
Office research.

report found that migration is now the main component of population change in
the UK, with migrants heavily concentrated in London and the South East.

inflow is predominantly of working age with asylum-seekers representing between
a sixth and a third of the total annual inflow.

foreign national workforce in the UK has risen steadily by more than a quarter
since 1995 and there has been a growth of 124 per cent in the proportion of
women among employed migrants since the 1970s.

report also found that a third of the labour force comes from less developed
countries and there has been a substantial rise in the number of work permits
issued, especially in the health and IT sectors.

report analysed a range of data on trends and patterns of UK migration over the
past 20 years, with particular reference to aspects affecting the labour


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