Million to one shot at fortune and fame

Guru is usually the first on any bandwagon passing through town. However, this time he has been beaten to the crunch.

Did you hear about the website If you haven’t, the basic premise is a guy created a homepage with one million pixels on it, which he is selling in $100 bundles – $1 per pixel. Advertisers have flocked there to buy up space because so many people are looking at it.

Some clever HR folk have decided that there’s no reason this can’t be applied to the recruitment market and have set up At the time this was written, only a few adventurous folk had taken advantage of the page, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Army and pharmaceuticals behemoth GlaxoSmithKline.

But Guru never considers himself beaten and is chasing this bandwagon as fast as his skates will allow him. So he would like to offer his own million-pound service (much more profitable than dollars). It’s not original, but scientific trials involving Hollywood superstar Demi Moore have shown it is effective.

Right then, who would like one night with Guru for £1m? The name ‘Guru’ doesn’t just apply to HIS HR abilities,
you know…

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