More than 16% of UK workers don’t think they should have to save for their pensions

More than 16% (about one in six) of UK working adults think they should not have to be responsible for saving for their pensions, research has revealed. 

A study by Aon Consulting shows that despite the government’s latest attempts to increase personal responsibility for saving, many employees are still passing the buck when it comes to making sure they have enough money to live on when they retire. 

The research, which surveyed 1,204 working adults, showed that 25% of employees also feel that the government should share the responsibility for funding their retirement, and 22% expect employers to help.

Paul Macro, head of defined contribution pensions at Aon Consulting, said: “It is worrying that so many people are still refusing to take responsibility for their own retirement and continue to rely on others – be it the government or their kids – to share the responsibility for funding their own pension.

“Our survey should act as a wake-up call, as even with the introduction of the government’s new personal accounts, it’s unlikely that many workers will be able to retire comfortably without individuals taking a more active role in the funding and planning of their retirement.”

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