MPs should back a total ban on smoking

I was rather surprised that, after his rant against those MPs wishing to ban smoking in workplaces, Jonathan Frodsham (Letters, Personnel Today, 13 September) went on to say he is a non-smoker. Presumably he either doesn’t work, eat or drink in public places, or is happy with the smell and taste of smoke.

Where on earth does he get the idea that a majority of people share his outdated view?

I have worked in smoke-free environments for more than 20 years, and I am looking forward to the day when I can also go out for a meal or a drink wherever I choose without having to come home reeking of other people’s smoke.

MPs have not yet shown the strength of will to completely ban smoking in workplaces, and in eating and drinking establishments. But the sooner it happens (as I believe it already has in Ireland and Scotland), the better.

Tim Wells
Senior analyst, Nationwide Building Society

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