M&S internal appeal upholds sacking of redundancy plan leaker

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has upheld the sacking of so-called whistleblower Tony Goode after an internal appeal hearing.

Goode was sacked last month for gross misconduct after leaking details of proposed cuts to the retailer’s redundancy scheme to the national press.

His union, the GMB, appealed the decision, but failed in its efforts to overturn Goode’s dismissal after the hearing yesterday (15 October).

Maria Ludkin, GMB legal officer, said: “GMB is very disappointed that M&S management has not seen fit to reverse [its] ridiculous decision to sack Tony Goode for voicing widely held opposition to the company’s plans to cut the redundancy pay scheme.”

Ludkin said the union would press on with an employment tribunal claim in support of Goode.

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