Mums want to bungee jump as well, you know

I have to comment on the ad placed in Personnel Today by Red Letter Days (3 April). Obviously champions of work-life balance, Red Letter Days has its finger on the pulse when it comes to issues of diversity, gender equality and ageism – or so you would think. But apparently not, as its ad is full of stereotypical images.

And I have to question why, in its range of family experiences, the fathers and sons get to go tandem bungee jumping or white-water rafting, while mothers and daughters get to do the more sedate ‘chocolate-making masterclass for two’.

As a mother of two sons (now sadly grown up and gone white-water rafting with their mates), my motto was always ‘if you can’t beat ‘e’m, join ’em’.

Perhaps chocolate making would be more to my ‘taste’ now, but I can’t imagine either of my sons volunteering to join me.

Carolyn Salt, Personnel & senior staff secretary

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