New book to support young people approaching the jobs market

“A real-world practical contribution to support young people approaching the jobs market.”

Andy Gannon, Director and Trustee, The Talent Foundation.

In the next few weeks around 300,000 students in the UK will be leaving university with little hope of finding employment.  A new book How To Win From The Start, published by Artesian Publishing, gives an alternative way of looking at and approaching the job market.

How To Win From The Start: your NO 1 career guide helps young people find not just a job but the right one.  A job that will open the door to a successful career… and find them work they will continue to enjoy into the future.

“Ignore CVs and online job boards and find a better way to find the right job!” says David Royston-Lee, author of How To Win From The Start. David argues that the best way to approach the job market is to take a look at you first. “Career management is simple; we just have to answer three key questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How am I going to get there? The problem is most people forget the first question and run round like headless chickens wondering where they are going and how they are going to get there!”

Students who have read the book, and completed the exercises, say:

“Made me see I had much more going for me than I realized!”

Philip Kokoszka, Social Policy and Criminology, second year student.

“It showed me that it’s OK being unsure… it’s part of the journey…”

Siu Phi Tu, Computer Science and Mathematics, second year student.

“Now I feel much more focused because I really know what I want to do!”

Suzanne Woods, Accounting Financial and Business management, second year student.

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