New IT Jobs for Graduates website helps tackle IT skills crisis

IT Jobs for Graduates, part of the leading online recruitment network, The IT Job Board, is to roll out an upgraded website, on 10 March 2008. 

The move is aimed at helping graduate employers save time in finding high-calibre technology graduates and interns to join their IT departments and follows the successful launch in February this year of the enhanced jobboard. 
IT jobs for graduates is the only job board in the market to cater solely for graduates and interns wanting to work in technology. 

It gives employers wanting to recruit technology graduates immediate and easy access to their target audience and ensures they only receive relevant applications for each role. 

It also reflects candidates’ increasing dependence on online job searches. 

Recent research1 revealed that 80 percent of university graduates only use the internet to search for jobs, with only three percent looking at newspaper advertisements.
Adam Stokes, operations manager at The IT Job Board, commented:  “The ongoing skills crisis in the IT sector is a growing problem for all recruiters.  This is exacerbated in the market for graduates, where research2 shows that IT companies are failing to attract as many university leavers as other sectors.  IT Jobs for Graduates was launched in 2007 to tackle the issue, and the ‘intelligent targeting’ capability of the new website builds on this by providing organisations with a straightforward route to attracting and retaining new talent.”
In addition to assisting employers’ though its graduate-only remit, the new IT jobs for graduates is more in-depth than other jobs boards in terms of matching recruiters’ needs with the right candidates. 

Its ‘Best Match’ function ensures that potentially suitable positions are not missed by candidates by presenting them with a variety of additional jobs based on the criteria they have entered. 

The feature takes into account skillset, job title and industry sector, as well as recognising places in close proximity to the initial search, making the location match more accurate.
IT Jobs for Graduates has also developed new graduate-focused content for its homepage.

This will improve the search engine ranking for the site, and therefore increase the opportunities for advertised positions to be viewed by their target audience. 


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