New online tool cuts HR event administration by 80%

A new online event and conference registration tool that cuts paperwork and administration by 80% is being launched by Outsourced Events. Called e-vent Assist, it is an online registration and reporting system that simplifies organising any non-paying event.  It costs £499 a year, plus a one-off set up fee of £450.

e-vent Assist works by letting users create their own branded registration website.  Customising a registration page takes less than 10 minutes.  Relevant data, from the basics of names, job title, contact details to any special information, are chosen as required. 

Delegates, in turn, use the system to register simply.  The branded look and feel adds significance to help buy-in.

e-vent Assist organises information surrounding the event, plus allows real-time, secure reports on delegate and rooming lists, which can be downloaded to Microsoft Excel.   The system also reduces the chance of human error. On completion, events can be archived immediately, freeing the system for the next event.  e-vent Assist can also be accessed remotely.

Denise Sharpe, managing director of Outsourced Events, explains, “We’ve arranged events for years and know firsthand the mountain of administration created in delegate and room lists, not to mention work created by cross referencing and altering changed details. 

“Instead of battling the paper mountain, we decided to think of ways to improve the situation and talked to our developers to create an online tool that simplifies the work every event organiser has to do.  What we’ve found is that e-vent Assist actually saves a massive 80% of time and paperwork.”

Jayne Fergusson, event service delivery manager, DHL Inside Track, comments, “We used e-vent Assist for a four location roadshow.  We were extremely impressed at how easy it was for our delegates to register for the events and for us to report on the information real-time as the contacts registered.  It is such a flexible system and saves us so much time we’ll definitely be using e-vent Assist for all our registration projects.”

e-vent Assist is ready to use straight away.  It costs £499 a year, plus a one-off set up fee of £450.   






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