New vehicle launched for recruitment milkround

Base4 Operations has launched a lightweight articulated mobile facility and is targeting the graduate recruitment market as the perfect end user. 

The Vipex Vantage purpose-built vehicle was designed by Base4 who recognised a need for a mobile unit that contained state of the art IT equipment as well as providing first rate meeting and training facilities.  The 11,000kg artic is 11.5 metres long and took six months to build using the latest in design and engineering technology. 

The high spec interior includes air conditioning, broadband, sky and satellite dishes, 40” and 19” LCD screens, 10 workstations, a wireless network and dual surround sound system.  It has a stage area for presentations and space to seat 18 people, as well as a comfortable consulting area suitable for interviews and private discussions.

The unit can be set up to suit a huge range of purposes.  “The vehicle is like a tardis when you see all the facilities inside” says Christine Grayson, MD at Base4.  “It makes an ideal mobile recruitment facility for any large organisation running a graduate recruitment campaign.  It enables companies to brand the interior as their own and set up sophisticated displays, as well as audio visual and on-line presentations which can then be moved around university campuses without having to be taken down and set up repeatedly, saving both time and money”. 

The unit has already been used by companies such as Digital UK, the body established to manage the switchover from analogue to digital television in the UK, for public awareness-raising sessions in the South West of England.  MIRJ, the body established to promote training in engineering skills, saw the potential of Base4 and has used it extensively throughout the East Midlands. 

The Digital Academy, the training arm of the Independent Digital Standards Commission (IDSC), is also preparing to use Base4 for the training of signal reception installers in the North West of England.  “The very high spec of Base4 and its ability to access all types of television reception currently used in the UK, together with its internet capability, suit our purposes perfectly” says David Atkinson, a Director of the IDSC. “The unit’s ability to operate in any geographic location, together with its flexibility and ease of preparation make it quite outstanding.”

Base4 can provide complete design and management services for the vehicle which can be hired for short or extended periods. 

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