NHS opinion survey reveals what matters most to staff

HR directors and managers working in the NHS should find their jobs that bit easier following an organisation-wide employee opinion survey.

The What Matters to Staff in the NHS study, made up of more than 9,000 questionnaire responses and interviews, found the need to listen to staff, and ensure they understand their role, were most important to employees.

According to the report, many staff feel they are already being well supported in a number of areas.

“This is the first report on what motivates NHS staff and makes them feel supported in delivering a great service,” said Clare Chapman, NHS director general of workforce.

“We need to build upon this evidence to help the NHS create a better working environment that will help to further improve the quality of patient care.”

The most important factors to staff included adequate resources to deliver quality care for patients, support from line managers, and opportunities to develop and grow careers.

Researchers believe the study establishes links between emotional motivators for staff and indicators of better services, and has helped identify how to improve areas in need of most attention.

Karen Jennings, head of health at union Unison, said: “Staff are the essence of the NHS and it is critical that we understand what is important to them. The research findings should inform the development of future health policies.”

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