One-third of UK workers fear being laid off

A new survey has found that 31% of British workers are worried about being made redundant whereas 29% of CEOs claim to have no workplace concerns at all.

The online survey from The Protection Gap, which was commissioned by Abbey Legal Protection, highlights the trepidation among middle to senior management over job security with 36% of senior managers and 42% of executives without management responsibility identifying redundancy as a concern.

Meanwhile, only 5% of CEOs see it as a worry. Instead, the biggest headache for company chiefs is the potential of a tax investigation by HMRC (12%) and employee stress and its impact on health (11%). Nine per cent are concerned about harmless sexual innuendo being taken the wrong way.

Richard Candy, underwriting director at Abbey Legal Protection, said: “The issue of redundancy is clearly still at the forefront of employee minds, and one that concerns them on a regular basis. CEOs themselves may not be worried about their own management positions but they should be aware of the wider sentiment among their workforce.

“It would be misleading for managers to give their employees a false sense of security by pretending that the market is ‘back to normal’ and redundancy is not a workplace possibility. At the same time, however, it should not be an ongoing concern that affects employee performance.”

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