Online applicants are fussy about websites

Employers should select recruitment websites carefully when deciding to advertise jobs online, an annual survey of online recruitment trends has concluded.

The quality of candidates who apply for jobs using the internet is rising, but applicants are using fewer websites to help further their careers, according to the National Online Recruitment Audience Survey for winter 2005.

The average number of sites visited by candidates when looking for a job has continued to fall, decreasing year-on-year to just six, the survey shows. Applicants are more likely to use a specific website to look for work if they have already been successful when using it to seek employment.

And, rather than being computer-savvy teenagers, the average online jobseeker is now 33 years old with 13 years of employment history. Of those using the internet to look for jobs, the survey reveals that 5% are chief executives, owners or directors, with 30% being senior managers or managers.

The survey, compiled by Enhance Media, also shows that candidates are using websites to compare salaries, obtain information on relevant employers and get career advice.

Audience profiles were compiled from questionnaires completed by 18,235 online jobseekers.

Look out for The Noras Guide to Online Recruitment to be published on 8 March.

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