Online questionnaire to deliver best candidates for Superdrug

Health and beauty retailer Superdrug has launched an online personality questionnaire to help it select new store managers as part of its expansion programme.

The firm is aiming to expand from 730 to 1,000 stores in the next five years and the questionnaire will help ensure that it recruits managers who have the right blend of skills.

After interviews and trials with more than 200 managers, a bespoke questionnaire – designed to find the ideal store manager – was created by assessment firm PSL.

Caroline Shine, regional HR manager at Superdrug, said: “Candidates work through the questionnaire online and we get a four-page report back on each person that really tells us about the individual.

“These questions really help the area managers to conduct more in-depth interviews because they are not questions you’d immediately think of to ask and this ensures that they home in on exactly the right areas.”

PSL is providing training for Superdrug’s 44 area managers on how to conduct interviews and provide feedback from the personality questionnaire.

Successful candidates will undertake an 18-week induction and training programme.

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