Over-qualified staff in demand by employers

are no longer rejecting potential employees on the basis that they are
over-qualified, because businesses now want 
people with lots of skills.

says Nick Robeson, chief executive of senior interim executive placement company,
Boyden Interim Management.

phrase ‘Sorry, you’re over-qualified’ has been an unarguable get-out clause for
recruiters for too long,” he said.

getting more and more requests from businesses wanting people who are
over-qualified – although they’re reluctant to say it, and it’s apparent that
there’s no ready substitute phrase in the English language.”

claims that now the economy is recovering, companies want experienced people
who can drive their businesses forward and tackle several different disciplines
at once.

is rarely a case for someone being genuinely over-qualified and right now, an
allegation of being over-qualified has no place in modern business,” Robeson

Roisin Woolnough

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