Overcome older worker stereotypes – or miss out

The examples of BBC presenter Nick Ross leaving his Crimewatch post amid claims of age discrimin-ation – and that of BBC newsreader Moira Stewart leaving hers – serve as stark reminders about workplace attitudes towards their older workers.

While youth is increasingly perceived as a valued asset, it is soon to be in short supply, with an estimated 40% of the population reaching age 50-plus by 2027.

The world of work is changing and society’s attitudes must change with it. Today’s employers are facing increased competition and a shortage of skills, and yet only 24% of businesses have even developed strategies to retain older workers.

With good candidates increasingly in demand, no company can afford to discount the contribution of older workers. Stereotypes must be overcome and perceptions changed, and high-profile companies like the BBC should be leading the way to ensure the UK’s future is marked by prosperity, opportunity and growth for all workers.

Craig Robinson
Right Management

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