Oxford Instruments in Worldwide Roll-Out of COA Solutions HR

Oxford Instruments, a leading supplier of high technology tools and systems for industry and research, is improving human resource (HR) efficiency and data accuracy across its global offices by rolling-out HR self-service and workflow from COA Solutions, an Advanced Group Company.

This HR functionality, which is tightly integrated into Oxford Instruments’ existing COA Solutions human capital management (HCM) system, has been rolled-out to 730 of the Company’s 1300 staff across the world. Self-service is already in place in the UK, Finland and the USA and will soon be extended to an additional 130 employees in China.  

Oxford Instruments requires self-service and workflow solutions to allow authorised staff across the company to access and update information held in the HCM system themselves as well as easily distribute HR information and reports. This frees-up the HR team’s time and improves efficiency whilst maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on all employees.

Sally Claridge, HR Advisor for Oxford Instruments, says, “With over 1300 staff in offices across the world, it was difficult to keep HR information accurate and up-to-date and distribute information in a timely manner. It was also proving a challenge to keep track of which employees were on annual leave and when. Unnecessary duplication of effort as well as costly and time-consuming processes were common.”

Using COA Solutions’ integrated self-service functionality, authorised managers and employees at Oxford Instruments are now able to ‘self-serve’ by directly accessing and updating HR information themselves such as holiday requests. In addition, managers can view employee details relating to their own teams and monitor all sick leave in real-time through an ‘at a glance’ absence calendar. Using workflow, information and reports can be electronically distributed quickly and easily.

Claridge comments, “COA Solutions’ self-service has increased the accuracy of our employee data. With real-time data to hand, we can instantly provide detailed reports relating to holiday accrual costs and staff absence patterns, improving data visibility and aiding decision making. This added functionality has also ensured that we haven’t had to purchase a separate absence management system, saving us up to £100,000.”

Claridge adds, “COA Solutions’ self-service has also strengthened employee engagement throughout the business by empowering employees to take responsibility for updating their own information.”

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