Packed lunches on the increase but staff tuck in too early

More than a third of UK employees are now bringing a packed lunch to work in an effort to save money and be healthier, research reveals.
But many are risking afternoon hunger pangs by tucking in too early, with two-thirds polishing off a good proportion of their lunch before noon, the poll shows.

The survey of almost 2,500 UK workers, by United Biscuits – whose brands include McVities and Jacobs – shows that for those bringing in a packed lunch, lunchtime officially begins at 11.12am. London was the least likely city to wait until lunchtime, with seven in 10 people snacking on their meal in the morning.

The research shows that 36% of workers are taking a packed lunch to work with them every day in an effort to save money (53%) and be healthy (20%).

Two-thirds of UK workers (66%) find buying lunch out very expensive, while nearly a third (32%) are disappointed by the choice available to them. 

Engineers topped the packed lunch poll, with more than half (52%) taking their lunch with them to work, while media types are far more likely to eat out everyday. Just one in four journalists, PRs and marketers bring their own lunch into the office on a daily basis.

Financial services employees are the sandwich kings of the UK – 82% bring them to work – while sales and media professionals topped the salad stakes, with 45% lining their lunchboxes with lettuce. 

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