Employers put more workers in less space to reduce office costs

If you don’t like your colleagues then it might be time to make the effort because office workers are getting less personal space than ever.

A report by estate agent Knight Frank found that typical personal space of 140-190 square feet has fallen to 120–130 square feet per person as employers try to cut costs.

The research blames the growth of flexible working styles for the shrinking desks. It claims companies are “sweating” their assets to accommodate more people in less space as increasing emphasis is being placed on cost efficiencies. 

“New technologies have enabled different and more flexible work styles which have allowed organisations to become much more fluid in their use of space,” the report concluded.

However, it warns companies, particularly those in the South East, to be wary of too many cutbacks because a good office is key to attracting and retaining top staff.

“The ‘talent war’ that many companies now face to attract and retain the right calibre of staff to fuel growth and competitive advantage is a significant issue of concern within the South East office market,” the research said.

“This competitive environment is leading to the need to provide a high-quality work environment with appropriate amenities.”

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