Pay rises for IT staff have continued to drop, new research reveals

Pay rises for computer staff remained subdued over the past year as employers continued to suffer from the economic downturn, according to salary data published today.

The XpertHR Salary Surveys June 2010, Computer Staff Salary Survey, has found in the 12 months to 1 April 2010, basic pay rose by an average of 1.8%, while basic pay plus bonuses rose by 2.7%.

The survey, based on payroll data from 226 organisations covering just under 60,000 employees, shows basic pay rises have continued to weaken over the past 12 months, falling from an average 3.1% in June 2009 to 2.2% in December 2009 to 1.8% now.

But taking account of bonuses, take-home pay has shown a slight upturn, falling from an average 3.6% in June 2009 to 1.2% in December 2009 and now picking up to a figure of 2.7%.

Mark Crail, head of salary surveys and HR benchmarking for XpertHR, said: “The recession wiped out bonus payments for many IT professionals, but it looks like they are on their way back – especially for those in senior management, whose take-home pay is beginning to pull ahead of more junior staff.”

The survey also found the median basic pay for an IT director now stands at £115,000, while this drops to £46,220 for project managers and £29,539 for analysts.

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