Pensions coalition calls for radical overhaul of system

Pensions coalition calls for radical overhaul of system

A new coalition which claims to speak ‘on behalf of millions of UK citizens’ is calling for a radical overhaul of the pensions system.

The four organisations that make up the People’s Pensions Coalition – Which?, Help the Aged, Age Concern and the TUC – claim that the UK is stoking up a pensions crisis, with governments of all parties and employers failing to deal with the problems.

The coalition is calling for:

  • retirement ages to no longer be set by the state or employers. Employees should have more choice about when and how they retire

  • compulsion on employers and employees should contribute to a pension that will provide an additional pension on top of that provided by the state

  • a pensions system that is much fairer for women

TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, said: “This is an unprecedented alliance for a radical new pensions settlement. Many in the pensions debate are vested interests.

“Their lobbying is entirely legitimate, but this powerful coalition speaks for millions,” he said. “Ministers and the Turner Commission should take careful note.”

Michael Millar

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