Polish priests preach virtues of jobs at home in bid to curb migration


The epic scale of migration from Poland has reached such extremes that priests are being encouraged to read local job ads during sermons.

More than a million Poles are estimated to have left the country since it joined the European Union in 2004 – the vast majority having come to the UK.

Adam Ambroszik, an economist at the Confederation of Polish Employers, told Personnel Today: “In Poland, particularly in small villages, the priest is still an authority, and the church can reach people who have no internet and no contact with job offices or employment agencies.”

Father Ryszard Pruczkowski, from Bydgosc parish in Northern Poland, said: “When they asked me if I would read out announcements about vacancies, I thought it was just the thing. A lot of people are convinced they can’t find work in Poland. Reading out job ads in church can give them hope again.”

Other parishes are expected to follow suit in the next few months.

Polish employers are reported to be actively recruiting pregnant women and married couples as they are less likely to migrate.


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