Postal strike ballot result due later today

The result of a ballot on a nationwide postal strike is expected to be released today (8 October).

A series of local strikes have taken place over the summer, in response to job cuts and Royal Mail modernisation plans.

The strikes have already caused a backlog of 20 million items of undelivered post, and if a nationwide strike is called, will cause further major disruption, according to the Communications and Workers Union (CWU).

A CWU spokesan said: “We’ve already started the ball rolling with the national ballot and will continue the process unless we get a deal with Royal Mail, but the pressure put on Royal Mail has brought them to the table.”

The union has accused Royal Mail of arbitrary job cuts, replacing full-time roles with part-time ones, and continues to be in dispute about the latest pay offer.

Royal Mail criticised the decision to press ahead with the ballot as wholly irresponsible.

The CBI has called the action disruptive, warning that small businesses and firms involved in direct mailing would be worst affected.

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