Postgraduate Certificate in Organisational Consulting, Durham University

How long?
The course runs over 11 months, starting in October. Students are expected to attend four ‘on-course’ sessions that run from Tuesday to Friday. Class notes, presentations and research facilities are also available online.

Entry qualifications
As well as a formal degree, applicants will need to have at least three years of relevant work experience. This does not necessarily have to be in formal consultancy roles, but in organisational roles that include an element of consultancy.

The syllabus comprises four modular units: theories and concepts of consultancy, consultancy contexts, frameworks and processes for examining organisations, and the consultant’s role.

Career opportunities
The course is designed for aspiring, as well as practicing, consultants. Professionals taking the course range from internal HRD consultants to independent consultants, but it has also suited those in managerial positions, including a CEO who saw his role as increasingly consultancy-based.

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