Pressure and hours lead to drug abuse

HR professionals need to take a reality check if they believe that drink and drug abuse are not an issue for City workers (Personnel Today, 19 April). How else would these workers cope with the long hours culture that is customary in the financial institutions where they work?

I have seen drug dealers hanging around the parks and gardens of Canary Wharf and ‘working’ the tube lines that service this area. They do not look like seedy individuals and are suitably attired for City business – except their role is to keep high-flyers high.

I have noticed an increase in violent behaviour within the working communities in this area. Just a coincidence? I think not.

HR has a social, moral and legal responsibility to employees and their families to acknowledge this epidemic and put strategies in place to deal with it.

This is a public health time-bomb, and the clock is ticking.

Sharon Horan
Royal College of Nursing Society of Occupational Health

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