Public sector’s basic pay bill to rise by 3%

Basic pay is to rise by 3% for many public sector employees following a series of reviews.

Senior civil servants will receive rises of up to 9%, with an average of 4.2% and an increase in performance bonuses.

But the pay review body said movement of staff through the ranks meant the total net increase in the pay bill was likely to be only 3.5%.

Prison officers will get 2.5% rather than the 1.25% proposed by the Prison Service Agency, with senior officers getting 3% and senior operational managers 6%.

Judges will get 3% increase – half a percent or £1.3m a year more than the government sought – pending a review of the judicial salary structure.

The armed forces are to get 3%, with a 5% increase in the daily rate for long periods away from home. The deal in all adds 3.1% to the pay bill.

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