Radical reforms for Euro HR practices

European Commission announced major reforms to its pay and promotion structures
for its 16,000 staff yesterday.

the reforms, promotion will be on merit, dismissing Eurocrats will be made much
easier and the current four staff grades will be reduced to two. 

of its personnel practices have been in operation for up to four decades since
the EC was created as the executive arm of the European Coal and Steel
Community in 1957.

now promotion has been due to seniority rather than ability, and it has been
virtually impossible to sack a member of staff for incompetence, reports the
Daily Telegraph.

measures are aimed at tackling the disillusionment felt by many of the EC’s
talented middle-ranking Eurocrats, who spend years on the same grade. 

Kinnock, the commission’s vice-president responsible for reforms, said,
"We’re going to introduce a meritocratic system which will reward talented
people and get rid of the present career structure which places a premium on
the length of service. These reforms are radical and will provide value for
money by contrast with established habits."

By Mike Broad

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