REC presses on against temps directive

The  Recruitment and Employment Confederation
(REC) is continuing its fight against the Agency Workers Directive.

Osborne, the new managing director of the REC, visited Brussels this week to
argue against the Agency Workers Directive.

met representatives of the European Parliament and the UK Permanent
Representation to outline the industry’s ongoing concerns with the directive.

was the second visit for Osborne, but follows more than 16 visits and meetings
made by the REC to lobby on this issue over the past month.

on his visit, Osborne said: “It is important we keep up the fight on the Agency
Workers Directive and maintain pressure on both the European Council and
Parliament to minimise damage to the UK industry.  I am hopeful an acceptable solution can be found which doesn’t
reduce opportunities for work-seekers and impair British competitiveness. The
Commission has accepted a six-week derogation and the REC and Government are
calling for one year.  We are still a
long way apart, but there should be scope for an expedient settlement.”

By Quentin Reade

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