Red faces – and hair – all round as Asda admits mistake

Supermarket chain Asda has apologised after bosses ordered a worker to cover-up an “unacceptable” Sharon Osbourne-style hairdo.

Caroline Nichol spent £68 on recreating the look of the TV star who advertises Asda.

But managers at the Weston-super-Mare store ordered her to wear a baseball cap. When she refused, she was sent home. But bosses subsequently backed down, blaming “a mix-up”.

An Asda spokeswoman said: “In our guidelines we do ask for our workers to have natural-looking hair. If you have blue or green, or in this case red hair, we would ask our employee to wear a hat.

“The manager felt her hairstyle was unacceptable, but we now realise it was a bit of a mix-up. He has dyed his hair red for a day to embarrass him a bit and he admits he made a mistake.”

Sharon Osbourne has fronted the chain’s £7m TV advertising campaign since February.

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