RW3 CultureWizard launches online cultural learning platform

Responding to demand by multinational organizations for global business skills development, RW³ CultureWizard, the pioneer in online cultural learning, has created a cultural e-University.

NEW YORK, New York—March 15, 2010—For the first time, businesspeople can establish a personalized online learning curriculum that responds to their individual business needs and challenges. CultureWizard 3.0 allows users to customize the learning track for their specific global business needs, learn and practice skills at their own pace and in their preferred learning style.

“Today’s adult learners expect information to be available to them as they need it and when they want it,” explains Michael Schell, RW3 CEO and President. “They look for information to be tactically applicable to real-life business situations. In a contemporary organization, everyone’s work requires sensitivity towards and awareness of culture and diversity. Everyone also needs skills that will enable them to transcend intercultural challenges and achieve their business objectives.”

Cultural dexterity is not intuitive, but it is learnable. CultureWizard 3.0 is an affordable, accessible platform through which everyone can become culturally competent. It contains a variety of training tools and informational components, all designed to provide users with the answers they need to be most productive and effective in their global companies. Users can frequently reference CultureWizard as their business need arises.

Amongst the most popular learning courses are a complete cultural training course, a self-assessment and culture calculator, a global teams tool, a virtual teams course, an assessment tool for international assignees, a global leadership course and culturally-based information on 135 countries.

About RW³ CultureWizard

RW3 spearheaded the cultural e-learning field in 2001 with ReloWizard, an online relocation facility, and reinvented the intercultural training model with CultureWizard. Today, RW3 continues to lead the industry in innovation with CultureWizard 3.0, a powerful resource that cuts the cost of traditional, in person training by supplanting it with a cadre of web-based tools, virtual classrooms and other cultural resources.

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