Sacked diabetic goes to tribunal

A shopfloor worker who claimed she was sacked for being diabetic is taking her case to an employment tribunal.

Elizabeth Morrison said she was fired from Emma’s Country Cakes after her boss claimed her medical condition made her a liability on the factory floor.

She said she was reproached 10 days after being employed by the Gloucestershire factory for not disclosing her diabetes at interview.

“He [my boss] asked me if I was diabetic and I told him I was. When he asked me why I hadn’t told him I had a disability when I was hired, I told him I didn’t consider myself disabled,” Morrison said.

Morrison, who has had her case taken up by the Disability Rights Commission, said her manager claimed she was too “high risk” to work around machinery.

A letter from her former boss stated: “With your medical condition we felt it would be dangerous to let you continue working on the premises.”

The company has declined to comment on the claims.

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