Sales training: ensuring training success

The most obvious sign of a positive outcome to sales training is a rise in the number and/or value of sales won by delegates afterwards.

However, in hard markets this may not be appropriate – standing still could be a win in itself. Therefore, those responsible for sales training need to set out evaluation measures and criteria and follow-up action.

10 tips for training success

  • Get line manager buy-in
  • Find out what outcomes line managers expect
  • Brief delegates (well) beforehand and find out what they expect from the training
  • Include relevant expectations in the brief to trainers
  • Assess what the training is expected to do in terms of changing behaviours, techniques or levels of knowledge – this will help set some relevant benchmarks
  • Share this with the trainers
  • Include some pre-work
  • Go through “happy sheets” immediately after the event with the trainer
  • Agree follow-up actions with line managers that will reinforce training
  • Have line managers coach delegates post-course to ensure improvements are maintained.

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