Sales training: the cost

Sales training costs vary depending on the type of sales training required and depending on the number of delegates you need to train.

Daniel Morgan, head of marketing at sales training provider Hemsley Fraser, says good quality training delivered externally will cost approximately £500 per head per day.

He says clients with five or more delegates who require the same course would pay £1,200 to £1,600 for a one-day course delivered internally for five or more delegates.

Warwickshire-based sales training specialist MTD charges £349 plus VAT for a one-day advanced selling skills course and £495 plus VAT for a two-day essential selling skills course.

Huthwaite charges £980 a head for a two-day sales presentation course.

But, given the level of competition between providers, buyers can push for discounts. Some will also offer loyalty discounts to customers who bulk book.

Freelance trainers will always be open to negotiation. There is always the online option: Salestrainingonline, which is ISMM endorsed, offers various courses – for example behavioural sales skills – which cost from £25 for access to 30-minute-long units.


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