Scottish retail success story chooses Carval HR and Payroll

One of Scotland’s largest employers, Scottish Midland Co-operative (Scotmid), has chosen integrated, self-service HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance software from Carval.

With over 4000 staff, 260 retail outlets, a funeral service and property management operations, managing HR and payroll effectively was a priority for the group. Previously, Scotmid had two separate HR and Payroll systems that were not integrated and unable to communicate efficiently. It was decided to upgrade these systems and Carval was chosen as its HR Unity range is fully integrated. It is also able to manage an expansive recruitment drive and to track training being provided to Scotmid staff. However, the key determinant behind the decision to opt for Carval was the system’s self-service ability that allows store managers to access the data held.

Ultimately, individual store managers will use this feature to plan the hours to be worked and costs per store. The information from the stores will then be fed directly into the Payroll.  Initially, though, the system is to be run centrally from the Edinburgh Head office; with store based input to be rolled out over time.

Scotmid’s IT Projects Manager, Stewart Ross believes that the new system will have a major impact on administrative efficiency noting, “Just as we constantly strive to do things better for our customers, it is a top priority to be a good employer. With over 4000 staff, managing the HR and Payroll operation is a major responsibility. In choosing Carval software we have ensured best practice by ultimately having the combined data available to both store management and administrators alike. This makes the whole process a great deal more efficient and responsive and ultimately the real beneficiary will be those who work for us.”

John Ovington, Sales and Support Director of Carval welcomed Ross’s comments adding, “Scotmid’s excellent reputation stretches back 150 years. It is a company renowned for its excellent levels of customer service. That just wouldn’t have happened without the right staff in place capable of delivering that level of quality. That is why the HR and Payroll function is just so important here and as a responsible employer Scotmid decided to invest in technology to keep their HR and Payroll systems up to date. We are delighted they have chosen Carval and look forward to working with them on the self-service roll-out.”


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