Scrap 2:1 minimum requirement for recruits

In reference to the comment that employers scrapping the 2:1 degree minimum requirement is ‘ridiculous’ (Letters, 11 May), I am writing to say that the notion this will lower the standard of recruitment intake is itself ridiculous.

It is not the standard of qualification that makes the employee, but the person themselves, and their values and ethics with regard to work. Achieving a 2:2 degree or even a third-class degree does not reflect an individual’s talent and ability to do the job on any lesser scale than a person with a 2:1. Some people excell in an academic environment, but may outperform those who do in a practical work environment.

While scrapping this minimum qualification may well increase recruitment workload, is it right to close the doors to a large percentage of a potential workforce because somebody somewhere thinks that without a 2:1 degree a person is not up to the required standard to do the job?

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