SHL launch Recruitment Partner Programme

SHL, a world leader in psychometric based recruitment, has seen a noticeable increase in demand for higher quality, objective recruiting services and has launched the SHL Recruitment Partner Programme in response to this demand.

The programme has been specifically designed to help the recruitment industry develop much closer relationships with their clients and offer a highly tailored and exclusive service, by placing best fit candidates.
SHL’s Recruitment Partner Programme offers consultancies the opportunity to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace and satisfy client demand for psychometric testing, which is now used by 80% of FTSE 100 companies.

In fact, research has shown that two thirds of employers introduced online testing between 2006 and 2007, suggesting this is increasingly becoming a fundamental part of the recruitment process.
“With the economic climate looking increasingly uncertain, it is more important than ever that companies make the right recruitment choice,” says Nigel Thomas VP Indirect Channels, SHL.

“With the costs of recruitment, including consultancy fees, advertising rates and management time, increasing all the time, employers can’t afford to make repeat hires for the same position.
“Recruitment consultants frequently come under fire for sending clients inappropriate CVs, misunderstanding their requirements, or trying to place somebody too quickly, often under client instructions,” continues Thomas.

“The SHL Recruiter Programme should bring an end to this issue by ensuring that client and consultant are on the same page with regards to the position to be filled, without compromising speed to hire. This should go some way towards helping recruitment companies differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”
By better understanding the requirements of a role, the process ensures that clients are only sent information and CVs on candidates that meet the agreed criteria.

This can increase the chances of making a successful hire, saving clients up to £5,000 per appointment on recruitment costs.

It can also help consultants build long-term relationships with clients and increase the chances of securing profitable sole-supplier agreements.
Recruiters are finding that this type of programme is opening doors to client business and winning them exclusivity.
“My partnership with SHL has opened doors for me with key clients and undoubtedly added to my revenue stream,” explains Steve Slater, Managing Consultant at ABRS and an SHL Recruitment Partner.

“I can now offer my SMB (small to medium sized business) clients the level of personal relationship management integral to an effective team, in conjunction with the tools and services offered by a globally recognised corporation.”
The SHL Recruitment Partner Programme also helps give smaller companies access to SHL’s tools, which may not usually form part of their recruitment process.

With employee fit and culture being as, if not more, important in small and medium size businesses, this is something that could significantly improve recruitment success, again helping to cut costs.

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